JoeThere is a long tradition in Baltimore of having plenty of neighborhood bars. So many, in fact, that Baltimore has recently had to slow down in giving out liquor licenses.  When you drive around the city you can’t help but notice all the corner bars, each one having as rich a history as the neighborhood itself. The Dizz is no exception…

The deep history of the bar is found in the records of the liquor board.  The first liquor license was issued to the building December 20th, 1934.  It was called Mitchells.  The bar continued to be called Mitchells until 1972 when new management took over and turned it into Stu’s Lounge.  In 1981, the building once again changed owners and became Tony’s Place followed by Igor’s from 1987-1990.  1990 became a new era for this neighborhood bar.  This is when the management force that drives it to this day took charge.

In 1990 the bar/restaurant was called Buckley’s.  It continued to be called Buckley’s until 1997 when it took the name Dizzy Issie’s.  The name was derived from a family friend, Issie, who happened to be a wonderful cook.  Dizzy Issie’s began to thrive and become more and more popular.  The good reviews started to circulate and before you knew it, Dizzy’s began to receive best of awards from Baltimore’s City Paper.  These awards include… Best Hamburger, Best Happy Hour, Best Corner Bar, Best Neighborhood Bar & Best Club Sandwich.

In 2008 the bar underwent renovations and opened under the new name The Dizz.  Never fear though, it is operated by the same staff and offers the same wonderful food dishes combined with wonderful prices.  You should definitely make a point to stop in and enjoy the atmosphere, cheap drink prices, and wonderful food!